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Our administrative staff, nurses and our GPs are all working together with the aim of providing excellent care in a welcoming environment.

The doctors at CHMG choose to work collaboratively, sharing knowledge and support. Patients are welcome to see the doctor of their choice, but they can be reassured that they can see any of the others if their usual doctor is unavailable, and the continuity of their care will be maintained.

Dr. Richard Blanch
Works on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

I trained in Sydney then coastal and rural NSW before moving to Melbourne with my wife Emma in the late 90’s and passed my final GP exams soon after. We have 2 boys and numerous pets. I love general practice and I deeply appreciate my colleagues and all who work at Clifton Hill Medical Group. I am lucky to be interested in many things especially foundational disciplines like biology and clinical physiology. My medical interests include chronic disease management especially hypertension, kidney and cardiac disease and diabetes. I am also interested in complex functional disorders like chronic pain, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, mental health problems and functional neurological disorders. My preferred modality is lifestyle medicine. I enjoy working with those who are growing and learning as well as those who are older and wiser than myself.

Dr. Jane Collins
Not taking appointments.

Growing up as the daughter of a rural GP introduced me to a way of helping individuals, families and a community over many years.  I was lucky enough to find a place to do this myself when I met Lora Gurney and joined CHMG. While I have taken a step back from consulting I am working hard in the background to assist the doctors, nurses and admin staff of CHMG to maintain and improve the high quality of care we provide. It is a privilege to work with this talented, dedicated team of people, and with the patients we have known for many years, and with those we are yet to meet.

Dr. Simone Craig
Works on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

I’m a GP who enjoys working within the team at CHMG. I have been a GP for over 10 years, having been a physiotherapist in regional Queensland, before studying at Sydney University, working and training in Sydney and regional NSW. Although my special work areas of interest include adolescents, young adults, families, women and children, I am happy working with and advocating for all. I am accredited to insert and remove the contraceptive implant (“Implanon NXT”).  I look forward to meeting you, your family, your support networks, and feel privileged to be there to help with your health needs through all stages of life.

Dr. Jane Doyle
Works on Monday, Thursday.

I graduated from Monash University in 1987 and have worked at Clifton Hill Medical Group since 1999. My qualifications include a Diploma of Obstetrics and I am accredited to do Shared Antenatal Care. I enjoy seeing patients of all ages but have a particular interest in women’s health, paediatrics and medical weight management.

Dr. Lora Gurney
Works on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

I joined Clifton Hill Medical Group in the 1980s and soon after took over running the practice with Dr Jane Collins. I trained at Monash and had always wanted to be a GP.  I enjoy working with all ages and needs which also reflects how our practice has evolved over time.

Dr. Prue Hill
Works on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.

After growing up in rural Victoria I studied Medicine at Monash University. I have worked at Clifton Hill Medical Group since 2004 and enjoy the long term relationships I have formed with patients and my colleagues. To extend my longstanding interest in child and adolescent health I completed a Graduate Diploma in Paediatric Medicine. (Sydney University). My other clinical interests include women’s health, mental health and migraine and promotion of a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Dr. Michelle Lee
Works on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.

I am a University of Melbourne medical graduate and an Australian trained GP. I enjoy all aspects of general practice. My special interests include women’s health, sexual health and pregnancy care (both planned and unplanned). With extra certificate training through RANZCOG and Marie Stopes, I can insert and remove Implanons, remove IUD devices and I am a prescriber for medical terminations of pregnancy. I also enjoy chronic disease management, including asthma, diabetes, thyroid disease and migraine. 

Dr. Trish Molloy
Works on Wednesday, Thursday.

I have worked at Clifton Hill Medical Group since 2010. Prior to that time, I worked for many years in hospitals and in community health. It was a great pleasure to move to Clifton Hill and work with old friends and colleagues whom I admire. It is a fantastic practice and I really love all my patients. People’s lives and experiences are a constant source of amazement to me and provide a great basis to continue to learn to be a better doctor.  I am an experienced GP and can deal with most things that arise. I have a special interest in Medical Acupuncture and would be happy to help you with musculoskeletal and other problems that can be improved with acupuncture. Common conditions that can be helped include frozen shoulder, gluteal tendinitis/bursitis, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and of course lower back pain. Make an appointment to have a chat and we can determine if it can help you. When I am not at work I fancy myself as a bit of a history buff but more importantly I enjoy being at the Surf Coast with my family and dogs.

Dr. Christos Papachristos
Works on Tuesday, Friday.

My name is Christos Papachristos which obviously shows I am of Greek background but born in Melbourne, largely growing up in Coburg.  I speak Greek fluently and Italian woefully and I enjoy seeing migrant patients. I am married to Freya and have three children, two of whom were adopted from Korea. I barrack for Essendon but love following all sports, especially those my children play. I love general practice because of the scope of the work which allows me to get to know people over many years and understand their medical, social and mental health issues which are often interlinked.  It is a privilege to work at CHMG with other like-minded caring people.

Dr. Marie Pirotta
Works on Tuesday,  Thursday.

During most of my life as a GP I was also a full time academic at the University of Melbourne’s department of General Practice. That part of my career was spent teaching medical students and undertaking research in the areas of women’s health, complementary medicines and cancer in primary care. Nowadays I am enjoying all facets of general practice and the helping the many patients that I have been seeing over nearly 20 years at CHMG. Outside of work I have really become engrossed in birding, especially on the Surf Coast, and spending time in nature.

Dr. Min Teo
Works on Monday and Wednesday.

Family medicine is so diverse and varied! I graduated from the University of Auckland in 2008, and completed postgraduate training in rural and urban New Zealand and Australia. I endeavour to take a holistic, proactive approach to healthcare. Beyond general practice, I have special interests in sexual health, gay men’s health, child/adolescent health and palliative care. I can perform minor surgical procedures (including excision/biopsy of skin lesions, ingrown toenail surgery and Implanon insertion/removal), and am a certified MS-2-Step prescriber. In my spare time, I enjoy running, hiking, cooking, photography and singing.

Dr. Samantha Wilson
Works on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

I studied here in Melbourne and complemented my university education with some time at the Melbourne Uni Hockey Club and Newman College. I became a doctor in 1995 training initially at St Vincent’s Hospital. In the following years I enjoyed a 6 month stint at The Royal Women’s hospital completing a diploma of obstetrics and gynaecology, before working in the Royal Children’s Hospital emergency department and later as a palliative care registrar at Peter MacCallum. All have added enormously to my career as a GP and I continue to be a “shared care” GP for both The Royal Women’s and Mercy Hospital for women. I feel my strengths in medicine come from being a communicator and problem solver. It is one of the most rewarding things about life as a GP is now knowing many of my patients over many years. I am currently working part time as I have 3 teenage children. 

*The doctors work rostered Saturday mornings.