Works on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I have worked at Clifton Hill Medical Group since 2010. Prior to that time, I worked for many years in hospitals and in community health. It was a great pleasure to move to Clifton Hill and work with old friends and colleagues whom I admire. It is a fantastic practice and I really love all my patients. People’s lives and experiences are a constant source of amazement to me and provide a great basis to continue to learn to be a better doctor.  I am an experienced GP and can deal with most things that arise. I have a special interest in Medical Acupuncture and would be happy to help you with musculoskeletal and other problems that can be improved with acupuncture. Common conditions that can be helped include frozen shoulder, gluteal tendinitis/bursitis, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and of course lower back pain. Make an appointment to have a chat and we can determine if it can help you. When I am not at work I fancy myself as a bit of a history buff but more importantly I enjoy being at the Surf Coast with my family and dogs.