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Nisha Brown PhD @ Offspring Child Health Specialists in Hawthorn

Affectionately known among the GPs at CHMG as ‘the baby whisperer’, Nisha helps babies and their families with a wide variety of issues relating to early infant development (e.g. movement, social engagement, behavioural cues, self-regulation, settling and sleep, and coping with everyday activities with sensitive babies

Zero to Three

A rich source of high quality information on infant and early childhood development, health, and learning as well as parenting from leaders in the fields of medicine, mental health, social science research and child development. Navigate from ‘Explore our topics’

The Circle of Security International

COS provides deep insights into the emotional needs of infants, children, adolescents and their parents. For a lovely introduction click on ‘Circle of security animation’ under ‘English’.

COS is founded on attachment theory and has been validated in numerous trials all over the world

Raising Children Website

Australian parenting website for all ages and stages.