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Balance (Vestibular) retraining resource

This excellent resource written by Professor Lucy Yardley and produced by the University of Southampton in the UK is a self help manual for people with balance disorders like Meniere’s disease.

The Michael J Fox Foundation (Parkinson’s disease)

The MJFF is leading research into PD and related disorders. Their website is easy to navigate and rich in content

Kids Health (Sydney children’s hospital) concussion resources

These are high quality evidence based resources

The ‘Cognitive failures’ questionnaire

Many elderly people worry they might be developing dementia. This questionnaire has a bit of a mean name but helps with the assessment of cognitive impairment

Alzheimer’s Disease International

Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) is the international federation of Alzheimer and dementia associations around the world; in official relations with the World Health Organization

Dementia Australia website

For ‘The Dementia Guide’, videos, information sheets, news and events

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) By Dementia Australia