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Mental health online

An initiative of Swinburne University’s National eTherapy Centre (NeTC) and funded by Australia’s Federal Department of Health. There are programs for most common disorders and you can Taylor your own. There is even a VR mindfulness program!


e-couch can help you to manage the symptoms of common mental health issues. The program modules include: Information about what you might be going through, how to get help and which treatments work, evidence-based strategies, practical advice and self-help and interactive workbooks


moodgym is like an interactive self-help book which helps you to learn and practise skills which can help to prevent and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety

Online digital tools and apps by The Black Dog Institute

Tools for anxiety bipolar and depression self assessment, online treatment programs for youth, ATSI peoples, men, people with an intellectual disability and more.

My Compass

myCompass is a brilliant, evidence based, effective, free online self-help program for people with mild to moderate depression, anxiety and stress by the Black Dog Institute.

This Way Up

A range of online courses of high quality provided either for a $59 fee or for free through your GP (if they are registered with This Way Up)

Headgear by The Black Dog Institute

HeadGear is a free, easy-to-use smartphone app that guides you through a 30–day mental fitness challenge designed to build resilience and wellbeing and prevent things like depression and anxiety. Designed more for blokes but can be used by anyone over 18.

Results from a randomised controlled trial showed that prevalence of depression over a 12-month follow-up period was 3.5% for HeadGear recipients compared to 8.0% for the control group.