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(Commonwealth) Carer Gateway

RMH disability liaison officer

DLO’s can be extremely helpful in interacting with the hospital system. The RMH DLO gets rave reviews.

SVH disability liaison officer

The National Disability Gateway

It is what it says it is and it’s well laid out and comprehensive


Amaze is an autism advocacy, information and support organisation and their website is excellent

Carers Australia

This website offers links to very useful and practical information and services such as how to negotiate the NDIS, services in your area and links to peer support services and more

Macular Degeneration – dietary advice

Amsler grid

The Vision Initiative

The Vision Initiative is a collaboration between government and community bodies which aims to prevent avoidable blindness and reduce the impact of vision loss for communities across Victoria.

Vision Australia – fact sheets on cataracts, macular degeneration and more


In the words of Soundfair; ‘Hearing conditions are invisible, but the social and emotional impacts are not. Let’s talk about this and make the invisible, visible.’ Soundfair are a community based advocacy group who also provide services to unemployed and low income Victorians with hearing impairment.


Established in 2015, Specialisterne Australia assists businesses in recruiting and supporting people on the autism spectrum. Specialisterne translates from Danish as “The Specialists”, and is the name of the original Danish company and concept developed by Thorkil Sonne in 2004 after his young son was diagnosed with autism.


Mable is a disabilities and aged care support worker matching service and communication platform.