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ADHD medication side-effects chart

ADHD and sleep disorders

Adult ADHD Symptom Checklist – Questionairre

ADHD information from National Resource Center on ADHD (USA)

For a good detailed overview of ADHD and it’s treatment see the PDF. For more info, search their website.

The Vanderbilt childhood ADHD assessment scales

for parents and teachers

Autism Awareness Australia

An excellent summary of Medicare support available during the diagnosis and management phases


Amaze is an autism advocacy, information and support organisation and their website is excellent

The DXC Dandelion program

Supported employment for those on the autism spectrum and other non neuro-typical people

How to ADHD

A great series of you tube videos for ADHDers out there by a fellow ADHD brain. It is what is says it is, an ADHD ‘how to’ tool box.


Established in 2015, Specialisterne Australia assists businesses in recruiting and supporting people on the autism spectrum. Specialisterne translates from Danish as “The Specialists”, and is the name of the original Danish company and concept developed by Thorkil Sonne in 2004 after his young son was diagnosed with autism.

ADHD Alien

A delightful website explaining the world of ADHD to the rest of us dummies