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Healthtalk Australia – personal accounts from people with lived experience

Healthtalk Australia is a consortium of researchers based at RMIT University, the University of Sydney, Monash University and UNSW conducting qualitative research into experiences of health and illness.

They provide evidence-based data on people’s experiences of health and illness, as well as carers’ and health professionals’ perspectives, that provides information and support, and assists informed decision making.

Their interviews typically include people’s accounts of their reactions to diagnosis, consultations with health professionals, decisions about treatment options, experiences of treatment, and impact of their health condition and treatment on relationships, work and finances

eMHprac guide to online digital mental health resources


The Beacon website was developed and is delivered by the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University.

Beacon provides users with a comprehensive directory of e-health applications (websites, mobile applications and internet support groups), and includes reviews, expert ratings and user comments.

Head to health – online mental health resources portal

A online mental health resources portal funded by the federal government. Very good